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Dr. Todd Landman

Accademic Magician

Dr. Todd Landman is a professional magician and mystery entertainer based in the United Kingdom. He is a member of the prestigious Magic Circle (AIMC with Silver Star), Founder of Psycrets: The British Society of Mystery Entertainers, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). He is also a Professor of Government at the University of Essex and Author of numerous academic books on political science and human rights, including Human Rights and Democracy: The Precarious Triumph of Ideals, Issues and Methods in Comparative Politics, Measuring Human Rights, Studying Human Rights, Protecting Human Rights, Governing Latin America, Citizenship Rights and Social Movements, The Sage Handbook of Comparative Politics, Real Social Science: Applied Phronesis, Assessing the Quality of Democracy.



Mooreni is pleased to offer the writings of Mentalist and Accademic Magician, Dr. Todd Landman of the UK.  The following books are for purchase...simply click on the text "Click here to Purchase" to be taken to the purchasing page.

The Literary Works of  Dr. Todd Landman




By Todd Landman


Hardcover, 153 Pages


Épistémentalogie combines insights from epistemology, philosophy of science, metaphysics and the history of ideas with mentalism, bizarre magic and the mystery arts in ways that remain intriguing, enchanting and above all else entertaining for audiences. Described as a manifesto for a new way of performing mentalism and mystery entertainment, Épistémentalogie is sure to be part of any serious performer’s library! With over 120 pages and 20,000 words, the book comes as a hardback with original artwork from Peter Howells, Iain Dunford, and Phill Smith, and original photos that help illustrate and explain all the routines. Recommended for advanced performers only.



Price: $65.68

Ships in 6-8 business days.

The Bequeathment
By Todd Landman

Paperback, 50 Pages 


The Bequeathment is an emotionally deep multi-phased routine for advanced mystery entertainers.  It combines object-based readings, direct mind reading and an uncanny demonstration of historical precognition.  Phase one is an object based reading with five family heirlooms. The reading begins with one participant and can extend to others in the audience.  Phase two is a demonstration of direct mind reading as each participant's choice of an heirloom is revealed to them and connected to them in a special way.  Phase three is a remarkable prediction from the past that would haunt the most hardened sceptics.  The book discusses the patter and presentation, supplies and sourcing, alternative methods, and object-based readings.

Perfect for parlour, small theatres, and private parties.


Price: $39.82
Ships in 3-5 business days

Metaphysical Magic: Essays for the Discerning Mystery Entertainer
By Todd Landman

Paperback, 69 Pages         

Metaphysical Magic draws on the parallel worlds of scientific and esoteric metaphysics and combines them with theory and methods of magic and mentalism to produce a special blend of mystery entertainment that any discerning performer will find scintillating, imaginative and captivating for a variety of performance settings.


Price: $19.79
Ships in 3-5 business days

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