Dr. Todd Landman: Projects

This page outlines both ACTIVE and PAST client projects and purchases.  This is intended as a private record of projects only visible to the client and Mooreni.  This page may contian detailes of discussions such as domensions and fucntion.  It may also contain build photos and updates as well as final photos.  

Sefalaljia Box

Status: Active

Project Details:


Box: Walnut


Hardware: Aged Brass


Dimensions: 17" wide, 6" deep, 10" tall


Specifics: The Box will have a door on both the front and back surfaces that will drop down so that the box can be seen thru when both doors are open. The ends of the box will each have a 2" diameter hole for ropes to pass thru. The inside of the back door panel will have a printed Celestial Map as provided (image) by Todd Landman.  The top of the box will have an opening "hatch" similar in design to a Dean's Box.  This hatch will be hinged to the back.  In the center of the hatch there will be a brass hook for attachement of a "Foucault Pendulum".  This pedulum will be self starting and move in a path parallel to the long sides of the box.  The interior of the box will be lined with black velvet with the exception of the back door panel which will have the celestial map mounted to it (any area not filled by the map may be also black velvet). 


Notes: In creating this box I want to make the panels as thin as possible (as always) and have the doors which will drop open (hinged at the bottom) open in a manner so that there is a clear unobstructed view of the inside of the box.  In other words, the hinges will need ot be installed in such a manner that when the door drops open, the back edge of the door will be below the bottom of the inside of the box.  In this manner when the pendulm is in place, the gap between the pendulum and the bottom of the box will be seen rather than obstructed.  And this way the spectator can be at eye level or below the box rather than needing to be above the box in order to see in and observe the gap.  The box will be crafted to rest on an elevated stand or legs to allow the door pannels to drop open past the  point of 90º.  

Image of Celestial Map to be used for the inside surface of the back door of the box.

Operation and Function: 



With this box, one will be able to transport (with the doors closed) a small foam ball from the right side floor of the box (when viewed from the front of the box) to the left side where it will be found inside of a drinking glass.  The location of the glass may not be totally against the side of the box.  This will be achieved via IT and the movement of another object. 


Foucault Pendulum:

A ball attached to either a cord or a chain will be attached to the top of the box via a brass hook.  The pendulum ball will hang near the bottom of the box but with a fair gap between the bottom of the ball and the bottom of the box.  Upon comand, the pendulim ball will initiate its swing.  Distraction from its initiation may be done by standing infront of the box or closing the doors until after the swing has started and then reopening them.  The control of the pendulum start will be via the operating system designed for the Illumini Spirit Light.  It will only take a momentary pulse to initiate the start of the swing.  After the intial start of the swing, the motion will be maintained and constant until it is manually stopped.  The pendulum ball will measure 1" in diameter and be suspended by a non-magnetic cord or chain.  The ball itself will be solid in nature and crafted from a neo.  All electronics will be concealed within the base fo the box, including the source of power, however none of the electronics will be visable in any way for purposes of visual inspection.  Along with the start coil and pulse coil, there will be a small magnet embeded in the bottom of the box just beyond the natural swing of the pendulum.  This magnet will keep the pendulum swinging parallel to the long sides of the box.  Without this magnet the pendulum might swing in any direction including in a circular motion.


Sprit Bell:

Much like the use of the Foucault Pendulum, it is planned that the box may also control a Mooreni crafted Crystal glass spirit bell.  This bell, like the pendulum will be attached via the brass hook in the top of the box.  Becasue of the distancing from them bottom of the box, only the initial start pulse of the elecronics will have an affect on the bell.  Thus, by momentary impulse via the OS for the Illumini Spirit Light, the bell will sound with a ring.  The coil that maintains the constant movement of the pendulum will have no affect on the spirit bell.  Ringing of the bell could be done with the box doors closed or open.  Because the bell will be crafted from crystal, the ball wich strikes the side of the glass will be seen to move. 


Linking Ropes:

The openings on either side of the box will allow for the ropes to hang outside of the box.  These holes will only be 2" in diameter according to Todd's specifications.  These holes will not be large enough to place one's hands inside the box as one woudl do with a Dean's Box.  The bent ends of the ropes will pass thru the top of the box where they can be secured with a rod.  Manipulation of the ropes will need to be made via the open back of the box.  I am not exactly sure on how this will be performed. 


At this moment, but subject to possible change, in order to turn the box power on will depend on placement of the box within the base or stand.  The switch will be magnetic in nature.  This is jsut a thought at this time and as mentioned , subject to change as the design evolves.  The base may be attached and not removable,  in which case activation of the electronics may need to be caused by some other method.