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Nov 5, 2017



Having a forum, or various forums, for discussion here at the Mooreni website, has been something I have wanted to do and thought about for a long time...ever since the conception of the website. While I have attempted similar such ideas via private or secret pages on social media such as Facebook, not everyone utilizes such media. Thus you end up with few people, and not as wide of a discussion as what is possible. While I still feel that these sources of gathering like minded people and owners of my work together are as important as ever, I also feel that there is the need to go beyond the confines of such social media sites...again, though I wish everyone was there, they simply are not, and that is their choice if it simply is not their thing.


So my hope in creating these forums is to finally give everyone a common place for discussion of relevant topics. For the owners of certain pieces I have created, this will hopefully give them a place to share with each other their performance ideas. And if it becomes nothing more than an empty room with only a few chatting back and forth, well, at least the opportunity is here for anyone wishing to partake.


So lets see how this goes. And welcome to the Mooreni Studio Forum!