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Welcome to our page displaying our past Magic Creations and commissions.  Here you will see samplings of our work over the years.  

Purple Heart Card Zig-Zag

The Card Zig-Zag is the close up performers version of Cutting a Lady into thirds.  Using a deck of cards, the performer places the deck into the box...pulling two cards from the deck, the deck is "cut", and then the middle is slid to one side.  An incredible and unbelievable feat!  

I created this Zig-Zag from an exotic wood called Purple Heart.  It has a purplish-red color, often more red than purple when finished. The guides for the cutting cards are bright brass and allow for easy movement of the sliding center compartment of the box.  You won't see a Zig-Zag quite like this anywhere...a Mooreni one-of-a-kind!  

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