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A beautifully designed and crafted box, Mentis Oculo 1919 (MO1919), also known as the "Mind's Eye Box Deluxe" (MEBD) or Dr. Todd Landman's "Memory Box" as described in his book The Magic Menagerie, is ideally suited for both the Mentalist and Medium alike. This versatile little box may be used in a variety of ways: one-on-one readings, seance-type settings with numerous people, on a stage, placed on a table and left untouched, or held in your hand as you move around the room. The handling of each is described in the accompanying performance instructions. The box has been designed, and its handling detailed, for a variety of settings and performance styles to make it as versatile and as deceptive as possible. 


The spectator writes on a randomly chosen blank card then places it into the box via the ballot slot in the lid. Whenever you need to divine the details secretly written on the card, Mentis Oculo 1919 provides the information to you. You will be able to view whatever has been written on the card, be it a question, name, number, or a bit of knowledge to build upon later in the performance. No stooges or assistants are needed, and there are no electronics or moving parts to reset between readings. 

The Mentis Oculo 1919 box has been crafted from beautiful Cherry and Wenge hardwoods. Two bands of Wenge, a dark brown almost black exotic wood, wrap the lower portion of the box, adding a touch of contrast and eloquence to its design. The broader band of Wenge features a decorative groove detail that goes all the way around the box. The box's interior is luxurious black velvet cut to the box's dipping lid profile. The finish of the exterior of the box has been done with a hand-rubbed oil, giving it a smooth satin appearance. Alternatively, an "Antique" finish option is available, where the box has a slightly duller, darker, satin finish and displays some wear and tear distressing. Both finish options feature beautiful hand-aged hardware that adorns the box and creates a turn-of-the-century early 1900's feel. 

"J.c. Moore has once again created a mysterious masterpiece. Crafted from the finest wood and finished in exquisite detail, the Mentis Oculo 1919 (also known as the Mind's Eye Box Deluxe) is more than a mentalist utility device; it is a work of art!  The improved design features make the already diabolical method even more powerful and deceptive.  The box is perfect for a wide range of performance styles and settings. With the box in play, you will demonstrate uncanny, direct, and powerful mind reading. Simply superb!"

           -Dr. Todd Landman

Mentis Oculo 1919, seen here in the "Classic" finish.  Click on left or right arrow to scroll through photos.  Click on photo for larger view.

Mentis Oculo 1919, while beautiful and very functional as described, is also designed to be used for the transportation and storage of your various wares: small books, playing cards, tarot decks, crystals, or whatever items you may use in that day's work.  The Mentis Oculo 1919 interior measures approximately 155mm x 124mm x 92mm (6 1/8" x 4 7/8" x 3 9/16"), so it can accommodate numerous curious and mysterious items.  The box may be emptied entirely and even shown if desired.  In the case of use by Dr. Todd Landman, he uses the box as a storage box full of magical memories from his youth.  He unpacks each memory, and in the midst of placing items back into the box, requests an audience member to write a memory on a blank card.  The card is dropped into the box via the ballot slot, and Dr. Landman begins to work his magic.  


Mentis Oculo 1919 comes with everything required to deliver the secret information to you instantly, time after time! 


What you will receive:

  • The Mentis Oculo 1919 (MO1919) box (and it's secret)     

  • A starter deck of Bicycle Double Blank Playing cards.     

  • A PDF of instructions.     

  • A beautiful custom cloth storage bag.      





World War I (WWI) had come to a close, taking the lives of nearly 40 million souls.  At the same time, the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 (Pandemic) raged into a third wave.  The Pandemic death toll has been estimated to be equal to, if not twice, the war.  With the high number of lives lost, many people found themselves grieving and searching for ways to hang on to lost loved ones…ways to reach out to say goodbye or seek some comfort in what proved to be a very emotionally tenuous time. As a result, the interest in Spiritualism surged, much as it had before in similar times of significant loss.  


The same year, poet W.B. Yeats wrote, as part of a larger piece of work, The Double Vision of Michael Robartes.  Yeats pondered the things seen within the mind's eye (in Latin, “mentis oculo”).  By definition, the mind summons images observed within the mind's eye that are far from tangible, and yet while only mental images, often they seem as real as in the physical world.  The question then becomes whether these visions, at times, are a reality provided by a sixth sense or even a world beyond our understanding?


Yeats was a proponent of the psychic and supernatural.   He experimented with such psychic practices as "automatic writing" with his wife, Georgie (George) Hyde-Lees.  Also known as psychography, he referred to this as "automatic script."  Automatic writing was nothing new; Spiritualists had used the technique of spirit communication for quite some time.  The individual performing the writing, taking pen to paper, enters a trance-like state and allows their hand to be guided by unseen forces.  Fascinated by this, Yeats started incorporating the automatic script into his poetry. 


It is not beyond imagining that W.B. Yeats might have used such a box as Mentis Oculo in 1919, writing an idea on a card and dropping it into such a box thus opening the thought to the Spirits, concealed from his wife, who would begin to serve as the conduit for automatic written text.


Mentis Oculo 1919, seen here in the "Antique" finish.  Click on photo for larger view.

NEW FOR 2022: Add a padlock to your Mentis Oculo 1919!  The traditional hook latch hasp is elegant and easy to use and the ideal way to quickly secure your MO1919 from opening.  But you may encounter a situation where you choose to seal the box's contents even more securely.  Adding a padlock to your MO1919 can easily take care of this allowing you the most versatility for your performance style and setting.  Choose between a brass padlock or an antiqued brass padlock.

Just to let you know that the MEBD has arrived safely and it is indeed beautiful.
The quality is outstanding and the thinking is ingenious.
I cannot praise this enough.
I am so glad that I have invested in this and I would have no hesitation dealing with you again in the future.
Thank you for this.

David Lees

Just opened the package and the box is BEAUTIFUL! 

Brian Finley

$350.00 US
Plus Shipping (US  $13.00 / International $26.00)

Current Lead Time: Approximately TWO WEEKS

Mentis Oculo 1919 is a hand-crafted item using natural woods that are hand-selected.  The specially blended oil finish is custom mixed at the Mooreni Studio and hand-applied.  Woodgrain, color, the appearance of distressing, and the patina of the hardware will all naturally vary from box to box.  Construction of your Mentis Oculo 1919 starts once you have placed your order.  The typical lead time for completion is approximately six weeks, not including the "in shipment time" once your item leaves the Mooreni Studio.  Lead time may vary slightly depending on other factors  (i.e., shipping method, route, customs, weather conditions). 


Check the "What you will receive" notation above and understand that not all items shown in the photographs are included. 


We try to send out periodic email updates regarding your order as time allows.  Before shipping your order, we will email you and request that you confirm your address.  We know sometimes there are address changes, slight differences, or specific formatting that require our attention to ensure your package arrives safely with you.  Upon shipping your item, you should receive an email notification, including tracking information.  This email may be an automated email from either the labeling service or the shipping provider.  We will then send a personal follow-up shipping notification email that will include the shipping and tracking information and any special instructions. 

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