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Custom Wood Boxes

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Mooreni boxes are beautifully hand-crafted from some of the finest exotic and domestic hardwoods available. Every piece of wood; carefully chosen for its grain and color. Each box is finished with our own specially blended hand-rubbed finish that adds richness and depth to the woodgrain, preserving it, and enhances the color while maintaining the smooth, silky feel of the wood. Black Velvet lines each box interior, giving the box a rich and mysterious air. They are as wondrous to hold as they are captivating to the eye and mind.


To be clear, Mooreni boxes are not store-bought boxes that are altered and finished, passed off as custom. They are genuinely hand-crafted custom boxes that are made to your specifications to meet your personal needs. Because the items you find here are hand-made, many of them are considered to be "commissioned" works; not built or crafted until you order them. Therefore the "lead time" may vary due to various factors, especially when making a custom item. Typically, lead time on a custom box may be between 4 to 6 weeks (plus shipping time). Because we understand waiting isn't the easiest thing, we try to provide periodic updates as a commissioned item progresses. Everything must meet our high standards of workmanship, and we are our own worst critics. If something doesn't suit us during the process, we will work on it until it does, even if that means starting all over again!


A few words about what makes Mooreni different and the difference between a Carpenter made item versus one made by a Craftsman Designer: 


The Carpenter builds whatever it is you want with few questions asked. Their product may, or may not, be quality. It all depends on what materials and tools he or she has available. Be those physical materials such as various woods, equipment and hand tools, or more learned tools such as skill sets. He/she makes the project, is paid, and moves on to the next job, often in no way tied to any one project past the point of completing it.


On the other hand, the Craftsman Designer spends many hours, months, even years of engineering and design work to create a final product better than the original idea. Their mind: steadily fixed on problem-solving and how they can do something differently or better. They will often lose sleep at night or miss parts of conversations around them because of their intense focus on their work. It is not a contest to get to the end; its not a race. It is an internalized challenge to create something unique, unusual, and beautiful. The Craftsman Designer works towards meeting his or her standards of perfection through an evolution of thought and experimentation. When the project is complete, the Craftsman Designer does not detach themselves from the piece of work. It is theirs; it is a representation of who they are, the labor and passion, the long days, and restless nights of burning the midnight oil. It is not about getting from point A to point B, as it might be with the Carpenter.  But instead, it is a journey from Point A to Point Z!


I am not a simple Carpenter building boxes for others to market. As the designer, engineer, artist, craftsman, producer, marketer, and seller, I have an obligation to my clients that goes beyond the point of sale. The people who buy from me are not just customers who pass through these virtual doors to vanish into the dark void of cyberspace forgotten. With all of our work, It is my responsibility to ensure that my clients get a top-notch high-quality product and that said product retains its value. My work holds its value and tends to appreciate rather than depreciate. You don't see my work discounted or on sale. I don't reduce my prices or sell on eBay. I don't sell in the Big Box stores because they can't duplicate the level of personal attention I give my clients, nor can they speak for things with first-hand knowledge regarding all aspects of my work. I also don't sell through companies like Murphy's because I would be more or less giving my work away, and I would have no control over anything. You don't see me making a lesser quality version of anything I make, or making a cheaper version. Producing a lessor quality product would be like a slap in the face to myself and all who have purchased an item.  

If you have any questions regarding the boxes you see here, or if you would like to commission a custom-sized box, please don't hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!! Thanks!!!


Please note: The wood used to craft these boxes is the real thing! It is not pine stained to look like an exotic wood. Your box will be carefully crafted from real hardwoods like Bloodwood, Brazilian Cherry, Maple, Padauk, Purple Heart, Walnut, Wenge, just to name a few. Sample photos of the woods are shown below. Color and grain will vary some as this is a natural product and subject to the designs and characteristics of nature.

To discuss your Custom Box needs, please contact us at:

Wood Species Available for Custom Boxes

We utilize a variety of woods in our work. Below are just a few samples of what we have on hand. We are working to add to this visual sampling over time.  If you have a specific wood that you want which is not seen below, just give us a shout and we will see what we can do. Remember that wood grain and color can vary some. We attempt to find the the best grain and color we can with every piece of wood we purchase.

Brazilian Cherry: With beautiful colors ranging from brown to red this wood has a very tight grain and is 80% harder than Red Oak.

Cherry: Beautiful light brown to medium brown in color, this wood is very commonly used in furniture making.

Curly Maple: A light colored wood, this species has a unique grain quality and adds a sort of depth to the wood making it looked almost rippled in nature.

Mahogany: This hardwood is light in weight. Color varies from light brown to darker brown with a hint of red.

Maple: This wood has a light brown color and typically very nice grain qualities.

Padauk: This wood has a reddish orange appearance with very nice grain. It is our most commonly used wood because of its beautiful color. Over time with sun exposure the wood may become a darker brown and even start to slightly purple in some cases.​

Poplar: A light colored wood with very open grain the grain is not as obvious as it is on other harder woods. This wood can range from a blonde color to light brown and sometimes gray.

Purpleheart: This wood is uniquely purple in color.  When finished the color may be a little more pink or red than the bright purple it can be in raw form. (The photo indicates a color more like the finished color).

Walnut: A very nice hardwood that has a deep rich brown color.

Wenge: This wood is a very dark brown bordering on black.  It is a very beautiful exotic African wood.

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