2013:  A small package arrived at the Mooreni Studio.  The parcel had journeyed to the Studio from the UK with a small pine box packed inside. It was a store-bought box. Similar to those found at the local craft and hobby outlets, but with a few modifications.  This particular box was a model no longer available in stores or online.  The box was the original Mind's Eye Box as designed by Paul McCaig.  


The idea of the box was straight forward.  But while many ideas are good ones, often the design and functionality may fall short.  That was the case with the Mind's Eye Box.  The design of the box displayed its workings to anyone with a curious enough eye.  And on occasion, though they may have been rare, it failed to perform.  It became immediately evident that the box needed re-engineering and a good bit of design work to be something that would carry the Mooreni name.  After months of contemplation, countless pages of sketch work, numerous prototypes, and the creation of various jigs, the Mind's Eye Box Deluxe was finally a reality,  


Crafted from beautiful Cherry and Wenge hardwoods. Two bands of Wenge, a dark brown almost black exotic wood, wrap the lower portion of the box adding a touch of contrast and eloquence to its design. The broader band of Wenge features a decorative groove detail which goes all the way around the box.  The interior of the box is luxurious black velvet cut to the contour of the box’s shape. The finish of the exterior of the box has been done with a hand-rubbed oil, giving it a smooth satin appearance.  Or in the case of the "Antique" finish option, the box has a slightly duller, darker, satin finish and displays some wear and tear distressing.  Beautiful hand-aged hardware adorns the box and creates a turn of the century early 1900's feel. 


The Mind's Eye Box Deluxe, while beautiful, is also designed to be used for the transportation and storage of the performer's various wares: small books, playing cards, tarot decks, crystals.  Whatever items you may use in that day’s work.  In the case of use by Dr. Todd Landman, he uses the Mind's Eye Box Deluxe as a storage box full of memories from his youth (as described in his book: "The Magic Menagerie").  The Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe interior measures approximately 155mm x 124mm x 92mm (6 1/8” x 4 7/8” x 3 9/16”), so it can accommodate numerous curious and mysterious items.  Remove all of the items, or each item one at a time, as needed. The box may be emptied entirely and may even be shown as such if desired.

At any time during your reading performance, you ask one of your participants to write upon a card secretly...a number, a date, a name, a simple question, or any other bit of private information. With the Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe lid closed and latched, the card is then placed by the individual into the box via the thin ballot slot in the box’s lid. At any point after that, without touching the box, you can access the content of the participant’s written thought and reveal it in whichever way suits your performance setting and style. 


"J.c. Moore has once again created a mysterious masterpiece.  Crafted from the finest wood and finished in exquisite detail, the Mind's Eye Box Deluxe is more than a mentalist utility device, it is a work of art!  The improved design features make the already diabolical method even more powerful and deceptive.  The box is perfect for a wide range of performance styles and settings.  With the box in play, you will demonstrate uncanny, direct, and powerful mind reading.  Simply superb!"

Dr. Todd Landman

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

The box may be casually viewed from all around, all sides, as it rest on the table innocently awaiting performance.  The design of the ballot slot in the box lid allows for a card the size of a standard playing card to be inserted either horizontally or vertically into the box and is also configured to prevent viewing through the slot of what the card may have written upon it.  The Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe is crafted to be as inconspicuous as possible with easy set up and function.  The mechanics of the box are precise and simple with no moving parts involved.  It is as suited for Stage as it is for Parlour or Séance settings.

The Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe comes with everything required to deliver the secret information to you instantly, time after time!  

What you will receive:
The Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe
A starter deck of Bicycle Double Blank Playing cards
Instructions in PDF
A beautiful custom cloth storage bag for your Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe

Now available in both "Classic" and "Antique" finishes

"Classic finish shown above,  "Antique" finish shown below.  After your order is placed, we will email you requesting confirmation of the finish you desire for your
Mind's Eye Box Deluxe

Just to let you know that the MEBD has arrived safely and it is indeed beautiful.
The quality is outstanding and the thinking is ingenious.
I cannot praise this enough.
I am so glad that I have invested in this and I would have no hesitation dealing with you again in the future.
Thank you for this.

David Lees

Just opened the package and the box is BEAUTIFUL! 

Brian Finley

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The Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe is a hand-crafted item using natural woods that are hand-selected.  The specially blended oil finish is custom mixed at Mooreni Studio and hand-applied.  Woodgrain, color, the appearance of distressing, and the patina of the hardware will all naturally vary from box to box.   Construction of your Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe starts once you have placed your order.  The typical lead time for completion is approximately six weeks, not including the "in shipment time" once your item leaves the Mooreni Studio. Lead time may vary slightly depending on other factors. 


Check the "What you will receive" notation above and understand that not all items shown in the photographs are included.  


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