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Used by Shaman to cleanse both individuals and dwellings of bad spirits and energies, the Sage Smudge has been used for hundreds if not thousands of years.  Smudging utilizes the smoke produced by specific plants (different plants are used for different things), in this case: Sage (Artemisia tridentata), burned as an incense to ward off the unwanted energies in a purification ceremony.



Today, Sage Smudges are not only used by Native Americans in cleansing rituals, but are also used by a wide variety of individuals ranging from Spiritualists, Séance Performers, and Paranormal groups.  A real must for the Paranormalist as it is always a good idea to cleanse the area after any and every event, just to be on the safe side, and in an attempt to reduce unwanted energies that may have been stirred.


Our Sage is that used by Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest.  It grows in the “desert” areas east of the Cascade Mountains...not to be confused with plants in the Salvia family which is garden Sage often used in cooking (and oh-so-often sold as Sage for smudging).  Our Sage is used to cleanse and purify.  It is said to drive evil spirits out, but not bother those spirits that are good.  Sage has many spiritual, cleansing, and healing properties...smudging is just one way of using Sage.

Our Sage is hand selected in a spiritualistic harvesting and bundled for drying.  We slowly and naturally air dry the bundles (we do not dehydrate or rapid dry our Sage) to ensure that the essence of the plants remains for spiritual purposes.  This process takes weeks to complete. 

Wands may vary slightly in size in part due to the drying process.  Wands are approximately 9 inches long with the leafy part being approximately 7 inches in length.  The wands are approximately 1.5 inches in diameter when dried (some may be thicker than others).  The Smudge Wand is lit on the end via a flame and allowed to burn for a short period of time.  Then the flame of the wand is blown out and the remainder of the wand smolders, creating the smoke which is used to drive away the bad energies.  Our Sage Smudge Wands are sold in groups of 5 wands for $20.00 plus shipping and handling.  

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