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Spiritus Spheara Scry

For thousands of years, humankind has gazed at reflections with wonder, just as we have stared at the darkness of the night sky and its billions of tiny twinkling lights, slowly racing across the mysterious void beyond real comprehension. The reflected light of the moon rippling oddly on the surface of a pond or river, fluid in motion, yet not solid. Such unusual images must have been these first reflections, that they allowed our minds to ponder more profound thoughts. So mystifying, the representation of one’s self, when once before never seen.


While today’s modern mirrors (Latin: mirari - "to admire"), crafted from glass with a reflective silver back coating, the earliest of recorded mirrors, besides reflecting pools, were crafted from naturally occurring black glass stone known as Obsidian (Latin: Obsidianus). Evidence of these black mirrors exists as long ago as 6,000 BC. The mirror was considered a sacred item, often belonging to a spiritual leader, commonly used in some cultures to speak with the look into the past, or foresee the future. The uses were far more than just for a reflection of one’s self. Gazing into the dark reflective surface could be profound as if to look into one’s center or soul. Mirrors were considered prized possessions of great value. With time, mirrors were crafted from everything from Obsidian; metals such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold; to the modern-day mirror of glass.


The black mirror, created from Obsidian, remains to this day a mystical tool. Sometimes referred to as the “wizard stone,” it has been used in magical practices since ancient times. The Obsidian Sphere is considered the premier stone for;  seeing the future, the past, or communicating with the other side. The properties of the stone are considered to be incredibly powerful and creative. While connected to both the past and future, it is said to cleanse psychic smog, bringing enhanced clarity, clearing confusion, and allowing one to see into the beyond, past simple surface reflections. It is said to expand one's consciousness and help one to enter the realm of the unknown. Obsidian is a protective stone that repels negative spiritual influences, protects its users from potentially harmful energies and entities, and blocks psychic attacks. Black Obsidian is said to ground the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane, making it possible to manifest spiritual energies in our presence. Perhaps this is due to the nature of the stone itself, having been born of the fiery energy of the Earth, a volcanic eruption, an act often accompanied by unexplained static lightning energy thought to have played a role in the division of Earth and Heaven, along with life itself.

For the above reasons, Spiritus Spheara Scry (The Obsidian Scrying Sphere) is an ideal addition to have on the Séance table, providing a layer of protection for those involved while absorbing the negative energies and focusing the spiritual and physical planes. It is a mysterious reflective black orb of natural Obsidian that stands elevated above the surface of the table via a vintage brass stand, allowing those sitting around it the best reflective views of their surroundings.

ased on a privately owned museum piece I saw some years back, Spiritus Spheara Scry is a beautifully crafted sphere of natural Obsidian measuring approximately four inches in diameter. The ball rests atop a truly vintage brass pedestal stand. The Sphere and stand, stored within an Art Deco-styled African Mahogany box, finished with a specially-blended aged oil. African Mahogany has a feminine association. Its planetary association being the Moon and elemental association being Spirit and Fire. African Mahogany is said to be one of the most spiritually focused of all woods: ideal for magic dealings of the non-physical nature, divination, and spiritual growth and guidance. The perfect wood species to accompany Spiritus Spheara Scry. The spherical shape and circular details, them in themselves, sacred geometric shapes, are carried from inside to out with the round, aged, brass hardware of the box: a stunning piece and a great addition to your table or home.

The Roxanne Effect

Spiritus Spheara Scry is an excellent tool with being nothing more than what I have described. In my personal experience, I have been witness to shifting patterns: like dark translucent shadows that may be seen moving in the reflective darkness. This “scrying,” the seeing of things otherwise not seen in a modern reflective mirror, can add an entirely different level to things beyond just the spiritual qualities of the stone. And along with that, we have decided to add, in addition to Spiritus Spheara Scry, Brynmore’s Roxanne Effect.


The Roxanne Effect (PDF with audio, supplemental video links, and additional materials) is an incredibly in-depth study with numerous references regarding naturally occurring phenomena such as transfiguration during a red light or low light scrying techniques. When putting together Spiritus Spheara Scry, I happened to mention to Bryn what I was working on, and he was so generous to offer up his most recent works. It seemed like a perfect fit for an addition to an already fantastic piece! Within Roxanne, you will learn all about transfiguration during scrying, how it works, why it works, and different variations on the effect. The Roxanne Effect creates a totally self-working anomaly that your spectators are sure to remember!

What you will receive with Spiritus Spheara Scry: 

The African Mahogany Art-Deco box with aged Brass Hardware

The beautifully crafted four-inch Obsidian Sphere

The Red Satin Cloth (pictured, for use in protecting and handling the Sphere without fingerprinting it)

The Vintage Brass Pedestal Stand (Note: since these are genuinely antique, each one may be slightly different)

Red Microfiber Cleaning and Polishing Cloth (not pictured, stores inside of the Mahogany Box)

PDF Instructions that include Brynmore's "The Roxanne Effect" (a 45 page PDF that contains links to audio information presented by Bryn, links to additional video and reference materials)

$275.00 US

plus shipping (US  $20.00 / International $40.00)

Shipping prices of this item reflect high weight vs size of the item.  The Sphere: being solid Obsidian is quite heavy.  The shipping cost will often be more than what is charged due to this factor and in order to try to keep shipping prices reasonable.  Shipments within the US will be sent out via Priority Mail, or FedEx, depending on location and rates.  International orders will be sent via First Class International if at all possible (may not be possible in some areas due to weight limits on First Class Mail.  If you are an international customer and wish to upgrade to Priority International for an additional fee, please contact me regarding your order.


Like many of our items, Spiritus Sphere Scry is carefully hand-crafted on demand due to the cost involved with purchasing of materials.  Build time is approximately 4-6 weeks to complete depending on work load.  Periodic update e-mails are sent to keep you updated on the build process, and prior to shipping we will request confirmation of your address.  Upon shipping you will be provided with the method of shipping and a tracking number.  All shipments are sent with tracking.  For international shipments we do our best to see that there are no unexpected costs.  If you have questions about shipping or anything else,  please contact us at moorenimagic@gmailcom  A shipping discount will be applied on multiple item purchases and issued as a refund after payment is completed.


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