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​A butcher block cutting board, a rusty old stained butcher knife, and four paper killer mental roller coaster!!!!​

Based on the “Death Trap” produced and sold by Hocus Pocus Magic some years ago, “The Devil's Blade” designed and crafted by

 Mooreni takes the concept to a new level of quality. 

The Board:The Devil's Blade board is hand crafted from solid exotic Brazilian Cherry  heartwood: a very dense tightly grained, heavy hardwood that is 81% harder than Red Oak.  The board is designed in a classic butcher block style with staggered planks and alternating grain, exactly like a cutting board should be.  The board may at any time be handed out for examination!

The Knife:An authentic butcher knife...the blade is worn, nicked, dull, and rusted.  The handle is stained and shows signs of wear.  Even the rivets are corroded.  The knife too can be passed out for examination...

but a certain degree of care should be observed as it is of course a real knife!

The Bags:Plain ordinary paper lunch bags (brown) or small gift bags (colored) may be used.  It really is totally up to you and your style of performing. 

The Frames:Crafted from Red Oak, these are used to support the bottoms of the bags and keep them from moving on the board during performance.  Again, they can, like all the rest of the elements, be passed out for inspection at any time with confidence...there is nothing to see.

The Routine:After inspection of the board, knife, bags, and frames, a participant is pulled from the audience and asked to place the knife randomly in one of the center slots in the board.  After which, they are requested to place the four bags (attached to the frames before performance) over the four knife slots.  This is all done with the performer looking away and shielded from view of the audience so only the participant knows where the knife has been placed.  They are also encouraged to mix up the bags, placing them in different locations than they originally were displayed, making the hiding of the knife totally fair.

Once the knife is hidden, the bags are in their place, the mental madness begins as the performer works to mentally read the participant’s mind, body language, and mental state, trying to avoid the Devil's by one smashing bags with tension building down to the very last bag!

The Devil's Blade
The Devil's Blade
The Devil's Blade
The Devil's Blade

J.c. has taken a Ford Taurus and made a Maserati!  Amazing!

~Christian Painter: Mentalist


What you will receive:

The Brazilian Cherry cutting board

The Butcher Knife

Bag Frames

4 Colored Bags

4 Brown Bags

PDF performance instructions on CD


You MUST be over 18 to purchase this item.

$885.00 US

plus shipping (US  $35.00 / International $65.00)

Because this item is carefully hand-crafted and not cheaply made, building of this item starts once purchase is completed. 

Building time is typically between 4 to 6 weeks.

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