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Spiritus Lux

A Device for Paranormal & Supernatural Detection


The Rise of Spiritualism and the Connection with Science

The 1800’s were a catalyst of sorts that gave birth to and saw the ever-increasing popularity of a movement and belief system called “Spiritualism.” Though it was nothing really new, for the first time the collective was given a name and as such a following was formed.  With the onset of the Civil War and the deaths of many young soldiers, Spiritualism gained momentum.  It wasn’t long until groups of Spiritualists began to form Camps and Societies, researching specific phenomena, and attempting to educate, demonstrate, and serve the often curious public. One member of such a Camp located in Indiana was my Great Great Grandfather, Dr. Joseph Hale Mendenhall.  There, he and his wife Kanzada (Kate) resided for many years.  Dr. Mendenhall wrote numerous books, pamphlets, etc. in regard to Spiritualism.   Kanzada was one of very few people who it had been said was able to make an apparition appear in broad daylight, and she had been seen on several occasions walking with Spirits down the tree-lined paths of the Camp. 

Spiritualism continued to grow and spread into the 20th Century, and again peaked during and after WWI. The movement was not limited to just those who claimed to have “gifts” or people wishing to contact deceased loved ones.  It was also on the minds of many of the greatest names in the scientific community, and not totally in a manner of perhaps disproving such possibilities, but quite often to actually prove that Spirit contact was possible based on principles that had already been accepted.  On January 23, 1921 the New York Times ran an interview with Thomas Edison regarding Edison’s belief in what he termed “Life Units.”  It was his theory that life, like matter, was indestructible, and that these units of energy remained after death and retained the personality and intellect of an individual.  Edison claimed to be working on a device that could indicate and record the presence of this intellect after death.  As mentioned, Edison was not alone in his quest to prove it possible to communicate or measure such etheric energy.  Sir William Crookes, a British chemist and physicist, pioneer in the development of the vacuum tube, had long pondered these same possibilities.  Even the inventor of today’s Alternating Current, radio and wireless pioneer, Nikola Tesla, believed it possible.  This, coupled with the many publications on the subject which included such authors as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, made it evident that quite a number of people were all moving in the same direction: to try to prove the existence of the Spirit World.​​​


The Discovery of the Plans and Building of the Spirit Light

Some years ago, a somewhat weathered black wooden box came to be in my possession.  The box contained a number of books, journals, and items of curiosity.  Though I cannot say for certain who the original owner of the box was, or who its contents may have belonged to, I do have my suspicions. Some of the items contained within were in better condition than others. One can’t help but wonder what journeys this box or its contents must have had before coming into my hands.  Among the books, found folded and tucked away, were several loose pages containing information regarding exotic woods from the far reaches of Africa, and visits with Shaman, Spirits, and etheric energy.  Along with these pages, there was a plan for a device indicating that said device might somehow react to influences from the other side...the “Spirit World.”

From these pages, the Illumini Spirit Light was carefully hand-crafted.  No expense or detail was spared.  The end result: an etheric energy-detecting device that is incredibly sensitive to unseen electrical fluctuations.  Created using the materials described with precise measurements as calculated, it is not only a wonderful device for use, but also beautiful to simply behold, with the stylings of early scientific equipment that combine artistry with function.

The Illumini Spirit Light device is stored in a beautifully crafted wood box with a caddy for safe storage of its components.  The layout of the device is easy to understand and simple to assemble.  All calibration is taken care of in its design so there is nothing to tinker with or tweak.    It can be examined and assembled by anyone at any time.  The Illumini Spirit Light is like no other spirit lamp or light out there.  This is not some close proximity, cheaply-made prop, even though it may look quite simple in design.  To date, only a handful of these devices have been made and they are in the hands of Paranormalists, Ghost Guides, Collectors, and others in the profession of Spirit detection around the world (in such locations as the USA, Canada, UK, and France.) 

Once assembled, the light bulb can be manually lit by closing the circuit using the conductive “key” provided.  The lamp will illuminate bright and steady; however, when lit by the energy of the “Spirit World” in a séance or like setting with no physical connection being made to close the circuit, it has been seen to randomly flicker and vary in intensity, rarely gaining full brightness as if the connection created is not stable or solid.

You will receive everything you need to use and understand the Illumini Spirit Light, all contained on a CD in PDF format, including suggestions on séance presentation.  The beautifully crafted device and storage box will be safely shipped to you inside of a custom fitted shock and weather-resistant hard travel case.  You will also receive the archived pages and plans as described.  Every element is photographically documented and recorded by Mooreni to ensure authenticity, and a signed and numbered certificate is provided upon registration. 

In addition, you as an owner, will have available to you the resource of a private online forum of owners, and have the ability to order parts or additional materials as they are made available.

​"I just received my Illumini and consider it to be one of the finest pieces I own.  The standard of craftsmanship is excellent and the detail in design is exquisite.  It is just ingenious with a subtlety that the light is never fully bright when the other side is around.  
Just excellent."
~M. Daubney

"Many thanks to J.c. Mooreni and his Illumini Spirit Light.  As Mentioned, the workmanship is beyond anything I’ve seen in this genre and the versatility aspect is practically endless.  I am finding new ways to incorporate it all the time.  It’s also nice to open the box and simply look at it.  Illumini lends itself to uses beyond spiritualistic exhibitions.  I would encourage everyone to check it out."

~S.B. Sims

"The Illumini Spirit Light is hand-crafted from two different types of wood from West Africa.  The lamp is “built” (in a séance setting) in front of the audience and they get to test it.  It then is possible to carry out a séance demonstration in a parlour setting on a table, or on a separate table, or in the hands of your guest.   J.c. has spared no thought, care, or expense on putting this masterpiece together.  The look, feel, and durability of this item will make you treasure this forever (and perhaps it will sit proudly in your kids house one day)...The finish is of higher quality than some collector’s pieces I own and the wood is a better grade.  The copper and brass finish is very “steampunk”.  I am seriously impressed and stupidly grinning at the ingenuity...I cannot recommend this enough!"

~ Dr. T. Landman


I am completely blown away!!!  I have spent money on expensive items before (and this one is among the few really expensive ones), but I have to say that I have rarely, if ever, been reward as fabulously as with the Illumini.  The quality of the props are absolutely outstanding, and unlike many other “aged” and “authentic looking” items they (Illumini) are actually entirely convincing, down to the tiniest screw.  I have always been surprised at how people expect things to age, as if a well kept and wooden object would suddenly crumble to dust within a hundred years or so!  While I understand that the Illumini is not actually intended to look ancient (and I agree, it should not), it has the lovely feeling of a scientific experiment of 50-100 years of age – and realistically so.  More importantly, the lamp completely betrays its  workings, and (unlike most props) much more so in reality than on the advertising pictures!  No need to mention that as much care was given to the invisible parts, it’s almost a shame that they must stay hidden.  In short (and I must stop as it is almost midnight), it is obvious that the Illumini lamp is not only the product of a highly skilled craftsman, but as much a labour of love.  Many thanks for the great care and the amount of work that went into making this!  I hope you can tell that I am extremely happy with the lamp!
~ R. Richers


Can't say enough good about Illumini.  It's beauty and look of authenticity are beyond compare, and its working is ingenious!  I have a number of props that operate in a similar manner, but none come close to offering the range offered by this device.  Thanks for offering this superior quality to the mystery entertainment community.
 ~L. Heil

The Illumini Spirit Light is being used by Paranormalists around the world.  It, and the feedback I have received has far exceeded any of my expectations.

  I myself am in a state of awe!


Currently the Illumini Spirit Light is undergoing a few minor design changes, and is at the moment, not avaialble.  We hope to have Illumini back in production soon!  Keep checking back and be sure to sign up for the Newsletter for updates!!

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Like many of our items, The Illumini Spirit Light is carefully hand-crafted on demand due to the cost involved with purchasing of materials.  Building starts once purchase is completed and takes typically between 4-6 weeks to complete.  Periodic update e-mails are sent to keep you updated on the build process, and prior to shipping we will request confirmation of your address. 

Upon shipping you will be provided with the method of shipping and a tracking number.  If you have questions about shipping or anything else,  please contact us at moorenimagic@gmailcom 

A shipping discount will be applied on multiple item purchases and issued as a refund after payment is completed.

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