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...When the old black steamer trunk first came to be in our possession, it was uncertain what treasures, if any, it had transported and protected over the 100 plus years since its suspected origin in the mid to late 1800’s. What was found inside, we are still sorting through and trying to figure out best we can.


One item found inside the trunk, wrapped carefully in cloth so as to protect it from damage, was a small wood box that had been carefully and ornately crafted from beautiful Walnut hardwoods. For years, the box simply rested on display in our home while we tried to figure out what secrets it might hold. Perhaps it was just a very nice wood box...but perhaps it was something more. We have yet to find any notes regarding it in the accompanying journals or pages.


A short time back, we started experimenting with the box. One of us would place a note or playing card inside of it and secure it with a small padlock, and while the other person held it, they would start to develop, in their mind, a mental image of the card or note that had been concealed within. Sometimes the image seemed to come quickly...other times it took a little more time to develop fully. But regardless it seemed that one could speak of what was inside the box within minutes of it being placed there.


Now imagine a truly random and ordinary playing card being chosen by anyone...or a word, number, or simple question written on a business card or a small piece of paper, then being placed in a small ornate wooden box...the box securely locked by the spectator who then keeps the key. And with the box still in plain sight, you are able to, with careful prowess, discern the identity of the card, or mentally lead thoughts to the written word or numbers (no forces, no stooges).


This is indeed what can be achieved with this box once one knows how. The Repositio is carefully crafted from beautiful select Walnut hardwood with great attention to detail. Ornate sides and top adorn the box along with custom crafted hand aged brass hardware. The Repositio is a truly unique piece of art that allows its owner seemingly mystical powers.


Once the card or note has been deposited into the Repositio box and the lid secured, the box may be laid aside, or placed into the hands of one of the spectators while you use your ability to obtain the mental image of its contents.


This box is by far one of the most beautiful and most complicated pieces we have put together and offered to date.  Most basic boxes are constructed of 6 panels of wood with basic joinery work.  Repositio has three times the elements of a basic box and joinery includes specially desinged tongue and groove interlocking applications.  The front and back rims of the box have a unique buttress design which not only adds beauty, but incredible strength to the construction of the box overall.  The box is lined in beautiful black velvet and finsihed with a hand rubbed oil finish.  It is like no other box ever created!  Its secrets are well concealed for only its owner to know!


Repositio measures approximately 5.75 inches x 4 inches x 3.25 inches.



Mooreni has temporarily suspended the production of the Repositio based on the complexity of it’s crafting and current work load.  At the current time we are not sure of an exact restart of production, or if there will be one.  Repositio is/was an item that required many, many weeks of work dedicated to it alone and thus could only truly be built one at a time.  During it’s production, Repositio received rave reviews and J.c. considers it one of his most wondrous creations.  If you are interested in obtaining a Repositio, please use the email link below to let us know.  The more support there is for this beautiful item the more likely it will be that we will try to bring it back soon, or offer it to those individuals who have expressed interest as we can (time and work load providing).  Thank you for your understanding and feel free to contact us at:


$389.00 plus shipping

Shipments within the US will be sent out via Priority Mail.  International orders will be sent via First Class International.  If you are an international customer and wish to upgrade to Priority International for an additional fee, please contact me regarding your order.



Like many of our items, Repositio is carefully hand-crafted on demand due to the cost involved with purchasing of materials. Build time is approximately 6 weeks to complete depending on work load. Periodic update e-mails are sent to keep you updated on the build process, and prior to shipping we will request confirmation of your address. Upon shipping you will be provided with the method of shipping and a tracking number. All shipments are sent with tracking. For international shipments we do our best to see that there are no unexpected costs. If you have questions about shipping or anything else, please contact us at moorenimagic@gmailcom


Due to the fact that this is a natural wood product, wood grain will vary from box to box. 

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