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Welcome to Spiritus Lux Ventus.  Based on a sketch found in a journal from the late 1800’s, a clear glass oil votive is placed inside a six sided decorative cylinder of glass.  The specified design of which,  is made to isolate the flame from any wind disturbance.  Placed in a room or on a table during a sitting, the flame burns steady, bright, and without movement.

We first tested the design in our home in McCordsville, Indiana.  It wasn't long before we observed something very unusual and unexplained.  With all the windows closed, the AC turned off, no fans on, Spiritus Lux Ventus sat quietly burning on our dinning room table...the flame as still and steady as could be. Without notice and for no apparent reason, we observed the flame suddenly began to flicker and jump around as if a strong wind had passed directly thru the sides of the glass, but no one was near it...we were sitting about 10 feet away at the time.  At about the same time the flame was jumping, we heard a noise not far from where the oil lamp was sitting.  Then as suddenly as it had started, the flame went still again as if nothing had happened.



My Great Great Grandfather was a prominent member of a Spiritual camp, along with his wife who was said to have the ability to make apparitions appear in broad daylight, often walking with her down the pathways of the camp.  It is unclear exactly who the journal that was found may have belonged to, or if the oil lamp was ever constructed and used.  The only clear thing is that the design of the Spiritus Lux Ventus was meant to keep natural disturbances from the flame, but what if that disturbance is of the supernatural variety?  ...a spirit wind of sorts...a movement able to pass thru things undetected by our own eyes. Was this the true reason for the design of the Spiritus Lux Ventus?  

At this time we have only made one Spiritus Lux Ventus, so the item is not yet available.  Hopefully in the near future we will be adding this to our listings.  In the meantime, if you wish to express interest in this item, please contact us.  That way we can add you to the list to send an e-mail notification to once Spiritus Lux Ventus  is ready to go.  

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