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The CommBox is perhaps one of the most stunning little boxes we have had the opportunity to create. The box was crafted from Padauk, which is an orangish-red to pink colored wood. This wood is the same wood used for the Illumini. The rich coloring of this box was achieved with the application of an in-house blended wood stain and hand-rubbed oil finish. The hinges and hasp were hand-crafted, and all the Brass hardware was hand-aged to a deep dark patina.  The box was lined in luxurious black velvet. Though I can't divulge much about the secrets of this one of a kind box, I believe that objects could be placed inside the box, and the performer would then divine the nature of said items. How? I only know part of this secret...not enough to come close to sharing.  All I know is that this was a gorgeous little box, and it was difficult to pack it up and ship it off on its long journey to a far off land.

If you have any questions regarding the boxes you see here, or if you would like to commission a custom-sized box, please don't hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!! Thanks!!!


Please note: The wood used to craft these boxes is the real thing! It is not pine stained to look like an exotic wood. Your box will be carefully crafted from real hardwoods like Bloodwood, Brazilian Cherry, Maple, Padauk, Purple Heart, Walnut, Wenge, just to name a few.  Color and grain will vary some as this is a natural product and subject to the designs and characteristics of nature.

To discuss your Custom Box needs, please contact us at:

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